Skin Lightening

Lightening products are a very lucrative market in most parts of the world. As a solution to overcome the pigmentation generated by a post-inflammatory reaction to unwanted pigmentation primarily due to aging and sun exposure, such as age spots, this types of products are considered to be a vital component in the dermatological skin care portfolio. However the main markets are in those parts of the world where fairer skin is highly prized, where it presents higher social or cultural standing. The Asia-Pacific region’s skin-lightening market alone is valued at over $13 billion USD. Tap this growing market by turning to us as your private label skin lightening cream manufacturer of choice.

To be among the leading manufacturers who are following the latest trends in this market, Inter Cosmetiques suggests innovative technical trends to its customers such as:

  • Developing a synergistic system of potent Bioprocessed actives and natural origin extracts which interfere with the melanin production cycle to offer a very high safety compound with no side effects.
  • Designing the use of multi-functional mechanisms using keratolytic substances with key lightening actives, in combination with stable vitamin C.
  • Using the most advanced delivery systems targeting melanin synthesis.
Private Label Skin Lightening Cream Manufacturer