Body Care

New life style trends continue to encourage people to be more attentive to the appearance of their bodies. This outlook necessitates more custom products in response to different aspects of body care such as slimming products, body moisturizers, anti-stretchmark products to name a few. This is why we place a high importance on meeting the growing demands for advanced body care products with body moisturizers in different forms. We can provide advanced solutions for private label body care products.

Some of what Inter Cosmetiques can offer for body care are:

  • Advanced delivery systems for maximum efficiency of targeted products such as those used to overcome hyperkeratosis, cellulites and other skin features.
  • Using Bioactives which mimic the natural moisturizers in the body’s skin.
  • Using long lasting moisturizing actives.
  • Maintaining the proper condition of the body with the use of innovative products.
Private Label Body Care Products.