Skin needs to be clear in order to put your best face forward however there are many who suffer from acne on a daily basis. Acne is the most common dermatologic condition affecting nearly all adolescents and young adults to some degree. Regardless of demographics, almost 50% of women suffer from acne with the condition becoming prevalent in women, ages 20-40 and older. This makes the use of acne fighting products an integral part of a healthy skin care regiment. Let Inter Cosmetiques be your acne cream manufacturer to ensure your beauty product line has a high quality acne solution available.

Some new trends adopted worldwide by leading institutes are as follows:

  • Developing a better way to control sebum secretion.
  • Implementing the use of new delivery systems for salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and other chemicals.
  • Using potent standardized natural ingredients to help purify acne prone skin.
  • Using potent active ingredients that help to develop a regime in the prevention of acne development.

Inter Cosmetiques follows these new trends in the development of their acne products.

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