custom formulation

There is a growing requirement by clients to have products which are specifically tailored to their individual needs as well as with the latest trends. We are flexible in order to help our clients achieve their specific goals, through customization we’re able to cultivate and develop new products to meet their needs using a wide array of ingredients. In parallel by examining submitted samples, our teams are successful in creating and developing any formulation through reverse engineering.

Stock formulation

Our R&D keeps up with industry standards by providing both stock and custom skincare product formulations which are based on the latest consumer trends. This enables us to assist our clients and accelerate their projects by using our stock formulations and have products fulfilled and out to market in timely manner.

Private Label Skin Care Labs

Research & development

Our R&D team consists of scientists and technicians who are highly knowledgeable and proficient. With a global presence having R&D centers in both France and Germany, Inter Cosmetiques has been able to make great strides in developing creative formulations that effectively target client requirements.